“Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.” KAISER WILHELM

Our passion for great brews and great food both began in the kitchen. Dan started brewing around 1990. Like any twenty-something, he and his friends wanted to brew beer to save money. He kept up the homebrewing on and off over the years and took up the hobby in earnest when he got married to Elle.

Along with homebrewing, we also got into charcuterie, cheese-making and even wine making. Our friends were honest enough to tell us to give up wine-making, kindly telling us that we were better homebrewers! Our homebrewing really took off, which meant taking over the garage and ramping up the brewing equipment. Our brewing days became a natural outlet for hosting all-day BBQs with family and friends. The backyard gained a pellet-smoker alongside the Weber grill. That’s what we call going the distance with brewing and charcuterie!

With family and friends raving about our homebrews, it was time to take it seriously. We entered the 2011 California State Fair and won three ribbons including first place for the Knockout Stout and second place for The Contender – our original Pale Ale. The following year Dan won first place for his Scottish Ale which is now the popular Sneaky Peat Scottish Ale on tap at the brewery.

With these ribbons, we decided in early 2012 to pursue opening their own microbrewery. Our first challenge seemed almost insurmountable: finding a name! We hit trademark snags with our first three names and finally scored with Twelve Rounds. After nearly three years battling construction challenges, we finally opened Twelve Rounds Brewing in August 1, 2015. Nearly a year later, we were back at the California State Fair, winning two ribbons: 2nd Place for our Miles Finch Marzen in the European Category and 3rd Place for our Brawler Barleywine in the Barleywine Category.

Dan Murphy

Owner Brewer

Dan worked in the I.T. industry for over 20 years as a Network Engineer. In 2005 he took a year off and traveled the United States with his Harley in tow, living in Boston and Atlanta for a majority of the time. Soon after returning to California, he met Elle and got married. They settled in Woodland and pursued their mutual passion for do-it-yourself projects. Besides charcuterie, they loved to garden and even had a small vineyard with 20 grapevines! And much to Elle’s delight, they also had chickens. Dan built them a chicken coop mansion!

Dan loves to create and it was a no-brainer for the Murphys to start their own brewery. Dan had the vision for Twelve Rounds: from the type of brewing system down to each beer style recipe. He and Elle spent endless hours putting financial and sweat equity into Twelve Rounds, spending late nights after their day jobs getting the brewery and tasting room ready.

After nearly 3 long years, Twelve Rounds held a private party for family and friends, a soft opening on July 31, 2015. Dan’s vision finally came to fruition. And the next day, Twelve Rounds opened to the public, received by East Sacramento with much excitement and great welcome!

Elle Murphy

The Brains

Elle currently works for the City of Woodland Public Safety Department as the Senior Management Analyst. She manages the budget for Police and Fire and supervises the Records Division, Crime Prevention Unit and the Volunteers in Policing program. Elle is blessed to have a job that she absolutely loves! In the 10 years she’s been at her position, there has not been a day that she did not look forward to coming to work. Elle wanted this same thing for Dan, for him to find a job he loved.

While Dan had the vision and creativity for the brewery, Elle’s skill is organization. She is the business manager for the brewery, managing the finances and overseeing the tasting room. Elle and Dan complement each other as co-owners of Twelve Rounds. They enjoy taking shifts as beertenders and have personally represented Twelve Rounds at all brewfests to date this year. The Murphys enjoy sharing their love of craft brews and value interacting with customers and friends of Twelve Rounds.

Scott Cramlet


Scott began homebrewing in 1988 and started brewing commercially in 1990 at a local microbrewery. Scott would soon establish himself as a premier brewer, pioneering beer styles like the Wheat Wine and winning gold medals at both the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup. For the next 25 years Scott would help rebuild this microbrewery and assisted with the brewery’s expansion. Here he created consistently great craft brews, gaining respect throughout the craft brew industry. Scott attended the American Brewers Guild and the Siebel Institute of Technology and is also a member of the Masters Brewers Association of the Americas.

In 2015, with a desire to go back to more hands-on brewing, Scott decided to join a boutique microbrewery, Twelve Rounds Brewing. With his incredible experience and renown, Scott brought “street cred” to Twelve Rounds. Scott’s addition as the brewmaster revived the enthusiasm for Twelve Rounds; the microbrewery had been suffering several construction setbacks for over 2 years. In April 2015 Scott joined the husband and wife team of Dan and Elle Murphy, co-owners of Twelve Rounds. On August 1, 2015, Twelve Rounds finally held its soft opening with 2 beers: Round 1 Pale Ale and the Haymaker Hefeweizen. Round 1 was the inaugural brew and a collaborative effort between Dan and Scott. Round 1, a hoppy pale ale, would prove to be huge hit! It has now become one of the brewery’s standard brews.

Besides winning 2 ribbons at the 2016 California State Fair, Scott is the proud winner of the brewery’s first Annual Chili Cook-off.

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